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"New Yorker" Stainless Steel Modern Entry Door with Glass

"New Yorker" Stainless Steel Modern Entry Door with Glass
Price: $2,750.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: New Yorker

Single Door Slab Width:
Door Swing Direction:
Sidelite and Transom Option:
Glass Option:
Door Handles:
Fingerprint Access Control:

"New Yorker"- modern style contemporary stainless steel exterior door with glass. The door is finished with polymer coating specifically designed for outdoor use. It protects from prolonged sun exposure and possible rust development due to moisture. Installation is offered within Tri-state area.


The price is based on standard height 80"8ft tall doors and custom sizes are available at additional cost.


For technical details and all available options refer to

Exterior Door Specifications Sheet


Standard set includes:

* 3-point locking system for extra security
* One side pull handle
* Standard colors
* Aluminum frame "Thermo"
* Hinges
* Aluminum Door Sill
* Door kick plate (optional)




Additional options at extra cost:


* Sidelites and Transom

* Non standard colors from Exotic Wood Chart or RAL chart

* Different colors for interior and exterior

* Pull handles from both sides
* Peephole
* Fingerprint access control system



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Private residence in Woodbury NY


Looks beautiful with matching garage door. True luxury can be affordable.




Double door. Left or right side.