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"Stella" Modern Style Double Interior Door

"Stella" Modern Style Double Interior Door
Price: $370.00
Availability: Out Of Stock
Model: Stella

*Price shown is for door slab only.
Standard height is 78 3/4". For 8' and custom sizes please contact customer service.
Average Rating: Not Rated

Available Options:
Double Door Width:
Include Door Jamb and Casing? :
Wall Thickness:
Door Handles 4pcs (see catalog):
Hinges (see catalog):
Pre-Hanging (Labor Only. Includes Door Handle Pre-Drilling, Frame Assembly with Hinges):
Door Swing Direction (if pre-hung):

Modern solid wood double door with frosted glass. No honecomb, no paper. This double door will create a grand entrance to your living room, hallway or any other room with a big opening.



Standard single slab door sizes: 24", 28", 30", 32".


Floor Baseboard


Provides a matching transition between hardwood floor and a wall.


Material: MDF, Wood Veneer


Base price: $1.75 per foot, 7.5 ft per piece


Available in wenge and bleached oak


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Active door in a double door set is the door that opens first and which has a functional lock set installed. Inactive door has a dummy lever installed, and remains closed by applying a flushbolt or a ball catch.


Double door swing chart: