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Wrought Iron Entry Doors NJ/NY Chicago. Custom Design.

Add value to your home by installing hand made wrought iron entry door. Our doors are made with 14 gauge steel, finished in 7-step process, to insure your door will last a lifetime, creating beautiful entrance and great ambiance.


Wether you are building a new home or remodeling your old one, wrought iron doors is something to consider. They go well with certain type of architecture. Forged iron doors are quite popular in Mediterranean style homes, which come back in fashion again. Red tile roofs, arches, plaster or stone surfaces. Custom made ornamental elements embedded in door design will emphasize the uniqueness of your house. Iron doors is a great alternative to wooden doors. They don't require so much maintanance. No refinishing needed every 4-5 years. 


Due to great formability of iron, our craftsmen are capable to create custom design doors based on your requirements. For cold Chicago climates doors can be made with a thermal break. Check the images below. If you don't see what you like, send us specifications, we'll make a door according to them.



Project Showcase. Click to Enlarge.




Product Specifications


Material:  Forged Wrought Iron


Size:  Customizable


Glass:  5/8" Dual pane tempered glass. Swing function window for ventilation and ease of cleaning


Weather stripping:  Rubber weather stripping seals around the edge of a jamb, door slab and glass


Threshold is integrated with a door jamb to insure the highest strength and rigidity


Anti Rust Treatment: 7 step finishing process. Sand blast, hot zinc spray, epoxy primer(twice), acrylic acid black paint, hand applied faux finish, varnish coat. No visible welds. Smooth to touch.


Door Jamb and Slab:  14 gauge tubing. 2" x 6" or 2" x 6 7/8"

Polyurethane Foam: Door jamb, slab, threshold is injected with polyurethane foam for insulation, rust protection and lightweight.


Thermal Break: Optional





*Price may differ on custom design/size doors


36”X81” SINGLE DOOR $2400

40”X96” SINGLE DOOR $3150

61”X81” DOUBLE DOOR $3350

65”X81” DOUBLE DOOR $3450

72”X81” DOUBLE DOOR $3600

72”X96” DOUBLE DOOR $4950



Standard Finishes

Ville Doors employs exclusive 7 step coating process to insure our customers get the best finishing look, beauty and durability. Sand blasting is used to remove all rough spots down to bare metal. Galvanizing process provides long-lasting, maintenance-free corrosion protection. Priming, drying, painting are followed for decoration purposes.




Glass Options



Aquatex Glass                                     Clear Glass                                      Course Linen



Gluechip Glass                                                Hammer Water Glass                  Pinhead Glass



Rainfall Glass                                              Tea Glass


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