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Modern uPVC windows are suitable for many types of buildings. Weather it's a historic building, detached private residence, office building or a multi-family house, stylish window profiles can achieve consistency of design between the building's exterior and interior walls.


Thankful to the highest level of German technology, engineers developed a multi-chamber window profile. The new design has a major impact on technical properties such as thermal and acoustical insulation.




PVC profile is made from UV stabilized materials protecting windows from solar expositon and discoloration. This problem is often observed with standard vinyl windows. I addition, our profiles are reinforced with galvanized steel, which makes them exceptionally durable. This feature is important for large windows, which require greater strength and stability.



Higher thermal insulation means lower bills

High thermal insulation of PVC material combined with multi chamber profile structure ensures the highest comfort of living. In fact uPVC windows have the highest energy rating in the US outperforming all brands of wooden windows. Double or triple pane glass have the added benefit of being extremely effective in deadening sound. It makes PVC windows the best choice for buildings or homes located close to railroads or noisy roads.



Variety of style and color

The choice of a window’s profile geometry, method of opening and subdivisions determines its individual personality.  Availabale in many finishes including wood tones not distinguishable from real wood windows.


Tilt and turn windows, as its name implies, have dual function handle allowing window to "tilt" inward (position C) for ventilation, and "turn" (position D) for easy cleaning. The turn design works excellent as an escape point in case of emergency.


    A)                                                       B)                                                    C)                                                     D)






Exotic wood finishes for windows


An Teak


Antique Oak


Black Cherry


Dark Oak


European Walnut




Old Oak








Siena PL


Sienna Rosso


Summer Cherry








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Window variations



 Tilt and Turn



Other variations include different combinations of casement, fixed, or tilt and turn panels. Architectural shapes are also available.



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