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Inswing or Outswing Doors

Inswing or Outswing Doors. Right Hand or Left Hand Doors.


If the door opens inside interior (inside the room) it's considered inswing. If it opens outside the room it's an outswing door.

To determine if it's a right hand door or left hand door stand in front of the door so it opens towards you. If door handle is on the left it's a LEFT HAND DOOR. If it's on the right it's a RIGHT HAND DOOR. Another method is to stand in the door opening with door opened and hinges behind your back. If the door is opened on your right it's a right hand door. If it's opened on your left it's a left hand door.

Here are simple graphics to visualize door handing...


Single door diagram



Double door swing configuration. The diagram pertains to interior and exterior doors. One door is active, the one that opens first. The other door is kept closet by means of a flushbolt or a ball catch.



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