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How to Install Interior Doors

We strongly recommend having a professional to do installation. It’s a know-how project. Improper installation can damage materials and void warranty. Here you can find general instructions on how to do the job. Extra set of hands are helpful.



Tools required

• Hummer
• Screwdriver
• Handsaw
• Utility knife
• Drill
• Level
• Pencil
• Tape measure
• Screws
• Door Foam
• Silicon
• Wood shims (if necessary)


All our doors come in standard sizes. No additional materials are required. Check your door opening. You should bring your measurements as close as possible with the nearest standard size. This can be done with a help of a wood shims. Determine the width, the height of the door opening and thickness of the wall. You will also need to know the swing direction of the door.


The whole process can be devided in five steps.


Door frame assembly

Door slab assembly

Door frame and slab installation in the door opening

Door handles and lock installation

Installation of L-shape casing



For better noise reduction door slab should be above the floor not more than 1/4”. If you have a carpet, the space should be about 1/8" between carpet and door slab. Trim the door frame to the desired length. Make sure both sides are cut correctly. 

Start assembling a door frame. You can do it on a floor or on a table. In either case, put some soft material underneath. Cut the vertical and horizontal door jabs under 45 degrees angle. The upper door jab should be 1/3" wider than door slab at the point of mating surfaces. Do the measurements by applying door jab to the end of door slab. Put the short piece and the long one togehter and tack them with screws. Check, so they are aligned properly. Do the other side the same way, as well as door sill.



Door Jabs Preparation Cut jabs under 45° angle
Door Jab Cutting Upper element should be 1/3" wider than door slab


VilleDoors offers two types of hinges. Invisible SOSS hinges and regular butterfly style hinges. The distance between the edges of upper hinge and door slab should be 8 inches. The same distance is for the lower hinge. From the floor to the center of a door handle – 40 inches. For ease of installation we recommend installing hinges before assembling a frame. Butterfly style hinges don't need pre-cutting. There must be a clearance about 1/8" between door slab and jab.

Interior Door Frame Assembly

Finish door frame assebly after the hinges are installed

Pre-Hung Door Installation

Door opening should be 2" wider than door frame. Place the door in the door opening. Position the unit so it's equally spaced between the wall. Place tapered shims between door frame and the wall. Upper shims should be at the point of junction of horizontal and vertical jabs. Level the door in horizontal and vertical position. Place lower shims. Secure the door frame with finishing nails going through the door stop. Use spray foam to secure door jabs. Drying time for the foam depends on its type and indicated on a can. Remove the excessive foam by utility knife. Apply casing. Keep in mind that foam expands approximately five times during drying.

It’s necessary to isolate door elements from moisture. Apply silicone along the line of contact with the floor.

This is a general guide only. Again, we suggest a professional installer to perform the installation.