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Exterior Door Installation Instructions

Installation instructions for units with sidelites and a transom in pdf


Technical drawings in pdf:

1. Anchor positioning

2. Door frame installation

3. Door sill installation


Stainless steel exterior door installation instructions for pre-hung units.

The installation instructions intend to assist door installers who have working knowledge of carpentry, and know how to correctly and safely use power tools. The purpose of these instructions is to illustrate how to properly install exterior door system using methods and materials that help eliminate air and rain leaks. If the directions are followed closely, the door will have a long useful life with good resistance to water intrusion. 

Before ordering a door, check your wall opening. The opening should be door frame height plus 1/2 inch, and frame width plus 3/4 inch to 1 inch. 

For example: 
Standard door frame height is 82”. Wall opening height should be 82.5”
Standard door frame width is 40 ¼”. Wall opening width should be 41”.
Double doors, doors with sidelites or transoms have different measurements. Consult with your sales person for the required opening size.

Standard practices for door installation always apply. Make sure framing and walls are PLUMB and in level. Use a 6 foot level and check both sides of the opening. All corners must be square. 


Caulk the sub-floor. Apply a double bead of Silicone caulking to the sub-floor of the rough opening.



Prepare door unit. Do not remove any protective film yet. Position the anchors in the groove on the back of the frame according to the drawings.


Anchor positioning diagram.

Lift the unit up. With top edge tilted away from opening, center the unit and place sill down into the sill pan or caulk beads and tilt into opening. Make sure the door is aligned and closed, the locks are engaged. Double door units or doors with sidelites are heavy. Do not attempt to handle them without assistance.


Secure the anchors. Start working from hinge side of the door. Use a 6 foot level and plumb the hinge side jamb both ways (right to left and inside to outside). Fasten the anchors to the studs by installing the screws. Do it one by one, checking the level before tightening the next screw. Later on you may need to loosen the screws while making shim adjustment.


Shim the door. Shim tightly at the bottom corners of the door unit. This will keep the door centered and the frame tight against the sill. Shim the top of the door on the latch side. Install shims until there is a consistent 1/8" gap between the top of the door slab and the frame header. Shim the hinge-side of the frame. This will hold the door tight in its position relative to the frame. The door should operate freely with shims and anchors holding it in place. Check if the door closes and latches properly. Check if all three locks can be engaged easily. Adjust the hinges if necessary. Electric strike can be adjusted by loosing two screws and moving the locking plate back and forth. Fill the gap around the door jamb with foam sealant. We recommend "GREAT STUFF" window and door sealant foam, which can be obtained from Home Depot. The foam expands. Let it dry for at least an hour. Excessive foam can be trimmed or stuffed back into the gap.





Adjusting hinges




Installation instructions for doors with sidelites and a transom

Double door units, where both slabs are active, come in one frame. Single doors, sidelites and transoms come as separate units in their own frames. They have to be assembled before installation.






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