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Door Jambs / Casing / Extension

Door Jambs and Casings for Veneered Doors


Door jamb is offered in two widths 3 1/4" and 3 7/8". Wider jambs combined with two L-shape casings can cover a wall up to 5 1/2" thick with no extension plank. Door jambs, as well as extension planks are made of wood. L-shape moldings are made of MDF. Door frame features a rubber sealed door stop.


Door jambs come in heights 82" (for 78 3/4" slabs) and 97" (for 94 1/2" slabs). Two and a half pieces required for a single door. A short one goes on the top and two long ones go on sides.


L-shape casings (telescopic moldings) are provided in heights 84" (for 78 3/4" slabs) and 97" (for 94 1/2" slabs). Five pieces are need for a single door. Two short ones go on the top and 4 long ones go on the sides.


Extension planks are provided in different widths, specific to a custom project. Wall thickness information is desirable in order to accomodate customer needs.




Door jambs and casings for MDF doors have a different structure. The frame pieces are made of MDF and come in width of 4 inches. Casings are flat mdf planks. Extension planks are required for walls thicker then 4".


MDF Door Frame


MDF Casings