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Credit Card Acceptance Policy

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover as forms of payment. Each credit card company has established policies and procedures that we as a Merchant (seller) must adhere to. There are responsibilities that you as the "buyer" must adhere to which could include proof that you are in fact "the card holder" by means of reasonable identification. We work hard to prevent fraud. Please be aware that we make all attempts to verify you as the "real cardmember" prior to processing the charge.


1) Credit Card Authorization Form

For all credit card orders, we require that you complete a credit card charge authorization form. We may ask for proof of identification, such as a copy of a government issued ID card, copy of your credit/debit card.


2) Bill to Address Policy

Our Merchant system is secure and requires that we verify with the issuing bank the "registered billing address" prior to approval or shipment of your order. This is according to documentation determined by the credit card Company that requires us to ship to the verifiable billing address only.


3) Ship to Address Policy

An Alternative ship to address can be established if you wish. In some cases you may have to contact your credit card issuer and add an "Alternative Shipping Address" that can be verified by a merchant such as Data ID. This is an address that allows us upon authorization by the credit card Company to ship to a different address than the registered billing address. Many times you may be traveling and need a product shipped to a hotel or friends - this address must be verifiable in order for us to process your order. This is an accepted process by all credit card Companies, their toll free numbers are as follows:


Discover @ 1-(800) 347-2000

VISA @ 1-(800) 228-1122

MasterCard @ 1-(800) 826-2181


We thank you for your business and hope that you understand that in today's times with the level of Internet credit card fraud approaching billions of dollars in losses, we must adhere to the policies of the issuing credit card Company.





































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