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Modern Closet Sliding Doors. Bi-Fold Doors. Chicago / New York / New Jersey


Bi-Fold Doors are widely used in today's apartments. They save space outside a closet. Bi-fold doors' biggest advantage is they allow full access to a closet space by opening all doors. Sliding Doors are used in closets, as room dividers or office separators. Space saving solution for many housholds. Various designs and finishes available. Attic Doors. This unique type of closet doors specifically designed for atics. Taking into account limited space and irregular shapes of an atic, these doors allow maximum use of space. Swinging Doors are mostly used when tracks for sliding doors are technically impossible to install. Another space saving solution for closets.


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Closet doors are custom made to individual projects. Different styles can be used as closet doors, room dividers, office partitions. By selecting different wood finish materials and glass options, you can create your own design. In addition to wood and glass combination we offer a completely custom design using the art of your dream - your design, photography, logo illustration or painting. Maximum door width is 42", maximum door height is 96". Door price depends on pattern, materials, sizes, and quantity. Prices start at $285 per panel. Visit our showrooms for consultation in Hackensack NJ or Chicago IL.



Door patterns:

   SL1                                    SL2                                       SL3                                        SL4                                         SL5




Wood Panel Chart

Oak                                                               Mahagony                                                   Wenge


Grey Oak                                                       White Gloss                                              Maple



Bleached Oak                                              White Oak



Glass Options:



Frosted glass                                          Milky Glass                                        Bronze Glass


Acriglass - Custom Color Acrylic




Sliding Door Installation Schematic



La - door size

Lp - finished opening size



Each door set comes with top and bottom sliding tracks. 


Invisible bottom track is available for applications such as room dividers



Rollers adjustment




Bi-Fold Doors Installation




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